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Book Review & Recipe: The Green and the Red, A Novel // Pumpkin Wonton Soup

I have these daydreams. They come to me at all times of the day and for a moment I’m seduced into thinking the world has actually gone completely vegan. That’s right. The sidewalks… Continue reading

Creamy Broccoli Chickpea Soup (gluten-free)

Summer is about simple, quick dinners that keep cooking and cleaning times to a minimum so you can enjoy the warm evenings with family and friends instead. We just rearranged our backyard and… Continue reading

Chinese Red Bean Soup Dessert

Gong Hey Fat Choy! It’s the Year of the Horse — my year! To all the other horses out there: do you feel like you embody the traits of the equine zodiac sign?… Continue reading

Lentil, Kale and Sweet Potato Soup

As I write this I’m enjoying a cozy evening in. I’m lounging on my couch, keeping toasty with the help of an oversized throw and thick, fuzzy socks. Jazz from my John Coltrane… Continue reading

Red Lentil Stew

Many years ago, a close friend from Nagaland introduced me to the simplicity and hearty deliciousness of red lentils. I didn’t grow up with lentils as part of my diet so I never… Continue reading

Sweet (and Simple!) Corn Chowder

I could probably eat soup every day. I love sitting down to a steaming bowl of deliciousness. My favorites? Split Pea Soup, Vietnames Pho, and Sweet Corn Chowder. Yum! My version of Corn… Continue reading

Vegan Boil

Good friends of ours were having a party. It was one of those strangely warm autumn weeks and they wanted to cook something outdoors that would be both festive and easy to serve… Continue reading

Zesty Three-Bean Chili

It was a warm, breezy evening (typical for September here in the Bay Area) and friends were coming for dinner. I wanted to serve something that would be the perfect blend of summer… Continue reading

Black Bean Soup with Fresh Garden Tomatoes

With black bean soup being a vegan classic, it’s sort of amazing how long it’s taken me to post my own recipe for this healthful, flavorful, crowd-pleasing soup! As you probably know, black… Continue reading

Roasted Sweet Tomato Bisque with Balsamic Croutons

  There’s nothing better than sweet summer tomatoes. I could eat those things right off the vine, tossed in a salad, atop crusty toasts of bread or roasted into a bold, tangy soup… Continue reading

Matzo Ball Soup

My husband, D, is half-Jewish. And so he grew up eating his fair share of brisket, kugel and of course, matzo ball soup. A few years back I was perusing the grocery store… Continue reading

Simple “Chicken” Noodle Soup

With 2/3 of my children desperately sick, a simple yet hearty  “chicken” noodle soup was the only answer. When I was a kid home sick from school, my Mom used to always open… Continue reading