Brussel Sprout Chips with Sundried Tomato Aioli

Yeah, I’m on the Brussel Sprout bandwagon with the rest of you. These little gems are on prominent display at the local market and on hipster menus everywhere. People who used to grimace… Continue reading

Lavender Shortbread Cookies with Chocolate Creme

Ah, the sandwich cookie. It’s like three desserts in one. The top, the bottom, the filling… what to eat first? My family members approach this dilemma in a variety of ways. My husband pops… Continue reading

The Sage Vegan: Applelicious Potato Salad

I am so excited to introduce to you the very first blog entry by my awesome 8-year-old daughter, Sage. A vegetarian since birth and a vegan for almost a year now, Sage has… Continue reading

Asparagus & Leek Risotto (gluten-free!)

It’s holiday time and I have to admit, I’m on sugary sweet overload! This says a lot coming from me. I have a whole mouthful of sweet teeth and have been known to… Continue reading

Blondie Brownie Cake with Almond Butter Caramel & Chocolate Ganache

Sometimes you just want to eat cake. Nothing fancy… just dense, decadent cake. This Blondie Brownie Cake satisfies that craving and then some. Kids will go crazy over it. Grownups will appreciate the sophistication… Continue reading

25 Vegan Dishes for the Holidays!

The holidays are here! I don’t know about you, but I’m happy to say goodbye to the goblins and ghouls and hello to mulled apple cider, fuzzy mittens and family and friends gathered… Continue reading

Mama’s Sweet Potato Biscuits

My Mama has done it again. These incredibly moist and flavorful Sweet Potato Biscuits boast the perfect subtle sweetness to be eaten for breakfast, as a snack, or as a side dish to… Continue reading

The Island Vegan: Eating Green on the North & East Shores of Kauai

Summer may be over where I am, but that just means mainlanders are flocking to the Hawaiian Islands in droves. Our off-season is their high season and it seems like every day I’m… Continue reading

The Ultimate Vegan Burger (G-F Option!)

This recipe created itself. Like seriously, it had a mind of its own. I just kept opening cupboards, finding ridiculously yummy and healthful ingredients and adding them to the mix. Black rice? Check.… Continue reading

Gluten-Free Banana Pudding Cakes

I’ve made something yummy. Like really yummy. And it just so happens to not only be vegan, but gluten-free and free of refined sugars as well. I’m calling them Banana Pudding Cakes because… Continue reading

Bean & Brown Rice Bites, Sweet Potato Mash, Coconut Drizzle

Food bloggers love other food bloggers. Not only do we share the joy of crafting a culinary idea, experimenting and perfecting the recipe, and then photographing and sharing our finds with our loyal… Continue reading

Chia-Crusted Summer Rolls, Shiitake Broth

My girls and I are obsessed with the Food Network cooking show, Chopped. We downloaded a bunch of seasons (there are a whopping 20 and counting!) and watch an episode or two per… Continue reading