Whole Wheat Banana Mango Muffins

Breakfast can feel like the hardest meal of the day, especially when you’re not a morning person and you have three kids you need to feed and deliver to school on time. Oh,… Continue reading

Avocado Chickpea Dip (gluten-free)

A girlfriend introduced me to her amazing vegan chickpea dip when I was visiting her in North Carolina last year. Since then, I’ve been making a batch of it every week. It’s now… Continue reading

The Sage Vegan: Cooking Inspirations

Hi. This is Sage. Thank you for checking out my third recipe. Well, it isn’t much of a recipe. I am going to talk about getting inspiration for cooking. Inspiration comes in many… Continue reading

Jackfruit Char Siu Bao

Growing up in the suburbs of southeastern Pennsylvania, my family didn’t have many opportunities to visit Philadelphia’s Chinatown but when we did, I’d always ask for a Char Siu Bao: barbecue pork stuffed… Continue reading

Frangipane Pie Slices

I love how blogs work. My fellow food blogger Chef Ceaser reblogged one of my recipes and as I went to check out the link, I stumbled upon another recipe he had reblogged by… Continue reading

Hawaiian Bowls (gluten-free)

It’s always this time of the year — when the air is brisk and the rain relentless — that I long for my self-proclaimed second home of Kauai. Okay, I’ll be honest: the Hawaiian… Continue reading

Chocolate Almond Granola

Nothing beats homemade granola. I’ve taste tested endless varieties of packaged granola but none can compare to the robust flavor and wholesome goodness that come with the stuff baked in your very own kitchen. My… Continue reading

Cranberry Hallongrotta Cookies

I finally made my own cranberry sauce this past Thanksgiving. The slightly sweet, slightly tart side dish has always been my favorite staple of the holiday table. So it was about time I tried… Continue reading

Pumpkin Apple Pot Pie

As many Americans prepare to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday this week, I’ve been receiving lots of questions about how to prepare a vegan Thanksgiving spread. Lots of folks are looking to replace the… Continue reading

Glazed Lemon Bundt Cake with Apple Pomegranate Streusel

When a neighbor hands you lemons, bake a cake with them! We were the recipients of a bountiful haul of lemons from our neighbor’s tree. I had just been away for a week-long… Continue reading

Spooky Sushi!

Happy Halloween you frightful foodies! The goblins and ghouls (or should I say Captain Americas and Elsas) are getting ready to hit the town and with all that candy strewn about, it’s great to… Continue reading

Cinnamon Glazed Brussels Sprouts

Autumn is here and with it, all the delicious cooler-weather produce. We just had persimmons for dessert last night and my oven has been hard at work roasting all kinds of root vegetables.… Continue reading