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Horchata Pudding

My kids have been introduced to horchata and there is no going back! Our favorite neighborhood taquería makes a great version and now whenever we’re dining Mexican, you can bet there are glasses… Continue reading

Cookies n’ Cream Smoothie

Here’s a quick smoothie idea that is relatively guilt-free. I made this for my kids one afternoon after school and they looked at me in disbelief, wondering why I was feeding them dessert… Continue reading

Matcha Run-of-the-Mill Smoothie

Matcha is all the rage these days. It refers to a finely ground, powdered, high quality green tea. The powder is used not only in drinks, but in green tea ice cream, mochi,… Continue reading

Key Lime Pie (Virgin) Margarita

This summer has me obsessed with limes. Here’s a fun drink that’s like pie in a glass! It combines the tart of fresh lime with the creaminess of coconut milk, topped with a… Continue reading

Ginger Peach Coconut Smoothie

After making all that coconut whip I’ve been spooning onto my dessert recipes, I’m always left with a can of coconut water with the heavier coconut “cream” spooned out of it. One of… Continue reading

Peach Lassi with Cardamom and Nutmeg

Don’t you just love the synergy between blogs and bloggers? So a few weeks back, I posted my recipe for Apple Cinnamon Cardamom Muffins which inspired my blogger pal Allison of Spontaneous Tomato to… Continue reading

Creamsicle Quencher

And what to do with that tiny bit of sweetened condensed milk left over from yesterday’s recipe? Well make a Creamsicle Quencher of course! Take that remaining condensed milk (I had about 2… Continue reading

Muddled Mint-Cucumber Cooler

This is a refreshing drink perfect for warm summer weather. It’s funny; I don’t like to eat cucumbers and sigh with disappointment when I see them covering an otherwise perfect salad. But for… Continue reading

Chocolate Banana Mousse

This was the first thing I learned to make on my first round of being vegan, almost a decade ago. It’s basic but classy and delish. In a food processor, blend a carton… Continue reading