The Sage Vegan: Cooking Inspirations


Hi. This is Sage. Thank you for checking out my third recipe. Well, it isn’t much of a recipe. I am going to talk about getting inspiration for cooking. Inspiration comes in many forms. You can be inspired by dishes you’ve eaten and enjoyed, dishes that come from your culture or family, and recipes you discover.

The pictures below are pictures of the three-course meal I made for my family. I got the inspiration for this by watching Master Chef Junior, a cooking competition with competitors from ages 9-13, on a Saturday morning. For the grand finale of this show, the two top competitors had to cook a three-course meal. This is how I got inspired to make this meal for my family. The meal has an appetizer, an entrée , and a dessert. SageVeganCookingInspirations

For the appetizer of this meal, I made a bruschetta. I had eaten bruschetta for the first time in Disneyland. I used to dislike tomatoes, but after I tried this, I changed. I like them now and that is how I got inspired to make bruschetta at home. Since I had only eaten it once, I didn’t know how to make this dish. I would say this was the most difficult dish I made for this meal because everything needed seasoning, the tomatoes had to be cut into equal pieces, and you could’t have too much balsamic vinegar. But, because I had eaten a bruschetta only once, it had inspired me to make it on my own.


For the entrée of this meal, I made a stir-fry with carrots, broccoli, tofu, and rice. My Asian culture inspired me to make this dish. Stir-fry is Asian and my Mom usually makes it for dinner. I tried to replicate the stir-fry my Mom makes and I think it tasted very good. Your culture could also be an inspiration for your cooking. I used these vegetables because the colors are pretty bright and they add color to the dish. I also garnished the dish with black and white sesame seeds. For the seasoning, I used garlic, salt and pepper, a seasoned soy sauce, and agave syrup.

(The rice is on a separate plate. That is why you can’t see it in the picture.)


This is me cooking the tofu and vegetables. Yum!


For the dessert of this meal, I made a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and berries on top. If you are like me, and you read cookbooks for fun, you could do what I did. I looked up the recipe online and I changed a bit of the recipe to make it a little more original. Sometimes I look up recipes and use them and they end up not working out. That is totally fine. All you have to do is find a different recipe and use that instead. Simple as pie! Vegan pie of course.

And that’s Cooking Inspirations! Hope you love it!