Zucchini Fries


I gave up fried foods for Lent.

But when I say “fried” I mean deep fried. Pan fried is completely admissible. What did you think? That I’ve gone mad? A girl’s gotta cook with oil to get those crispy, crunchy sizzling edges on strips of tender, sweet zucchini. What a treat this was, especially when over the past few weeks I’ve had to turn down my fair share of french fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings, tempura… okay, okay. Easter is in six days! Must. Stay. Strong.

These zucchini fries were a huge hit around the dinner table tonight. The kids helped the adults gobble them all up in no time. I served them alongside veggie burgers for a simple, springtime meal. They’re easy to make and require only a handful of ingredients.

Take a look:

  • 4 medium-sized zucchini
  • 3 flax seed “eggs” (1 tbsp ground flaxseed meal + 3 tbsp warm water = one “egg”)
  • 1.5 cup unbleached, all-purpose flour
  • canola oil for frying
  • sea salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste

First make your flax seed “eggs” by mixing together the 3 tbsp of ground flaxseed with 9 tbsp of warm water in a medium-sized mixing bowl. Whisk it together well, then set aside. In a few minutes the mixture will thicken into an egg-like consistency.

Meanwhile, wash your zucchini and cut them into strips resembling fries. Use your best judgment depending on the size of your zucchini. In a large plate, place the flour in an even layer.

When the flax seed mixture is ready, place in some of the zucchini strips and toss to coat. You will need to do these next few steps in small batches.


Tossing the zucchini strips into the flax seed mixture

Next, transfer those strips onto the plate of flour and dredge them in the flour.

Coating them with flour

Coating them with flour

Place them onto a frying pan sizzling with the canola oil and allow them to pan fry until they’re golden brown, flipping them as they cook for an even, crispy skin. Repeat these steps until all the fries are finished. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste and serve piping hot.





Happy eating!