Raspberry Orange Skewers with Lime Zest

Here’s a quick, refreshing snack idea. I made this for the kids on a Saturday afternoon, right in those early evening hours when energy is low and the pre-dinner whining is threatening to begin. I placed this in front of them while they were doing crafts on the dining room table and right away their eyes widened, huge grins appeared, and they dug in with excitement. This can be done with any combination of fruit so the possibilities are endless. Just think bright, colorful and fun. If you stick the fruit onto mini skewers, the kids have even more fun with it.

Simply wash and cut (if applicable) your fruit and slide them onto the skewers. Then take the zest of one lime and sprinkle it on top. You could also serve these with some kind of dip like coconut whipped cream, almond butter, or non-dairy yogurt! Try this as an appetizer when hosting guests as well!


Happy eating!