A Farmers Market Meal

We are fortunate enough to live in a place where farmers markets abound, especially during the summer. There’s literally a farmers market scheduled for every day of the week within our county alone. It’s great fun to take my kids on a warm summer morning to peruse the colorful stands, taste test the ripest, sweetest and crunchiest produce around, and visit with local farmers, vendors and friends. Farmers Markets are one of those events that make you feel happy to be alive and part of a vibrant, healthy community.

The best part of going to the Farmers Market is coming home with bags of food so fresh and tantalizing that all you have to do is wash, cut and partake. No intense preparation, hovering over the stove, or following exhaustive recipes step by step. In this day and age we’ve become so far removed from our food that we often forget that eating things raw, fresh and “off the vine” can be a healthy and tasty meal option! Consider “Exhibit A” above. ; ) My daughters were super excited to eat a meal that they got to curate themselves at the Farmers Market. Scouring the stands, tasting the various offerings, chatting with the farmers, then coming home to eat what they had collected… all of it translated into a complete experience that got them interested — invested, even — in their food. It’s always a delight to see.

Our Farmers Market meal consisted of figs, peas, cucumber, champagne grapes and mandarinquats…

…tomatoes, artisan bread and olive oil and balsamic for dipping…

…locally made naan with cilantro and tamarind chutneys…
…and blackberries, red raspberries and yellow raspberries.

We ate to our hearts’ content. So next time you’re looking for a different kind of meal option, consider serving up a bounty of fresh, raw, local fruits and veggies as the main course. It’s so simple and back to basics that you’ll find yourself feeling great and wondering why we don’t eat that way more often.

From our table to yours,

Happy eating!