Shiitake and Jicama Lettuce Cups

This is a simple, fast and delicious idea for an appetizer. You’ve likely had a similar dish at your local Chinese restaurant. My main change-up is the use of jicama instead of water chestnuts. I am not a fan of water chestnuts but jicama totally floats my boat. And it lends the same kind of crunchy texture to this dish as water chestnuts usually do.

Wash and trim the end off of a head of iceberg lettuce. Carefully peel the layers off and set aside these “cups” that the shiitake mixture will later get spooned into. If you’re like me, you will probably have a ton of little, broken pieces of iceberg in the end. Save these in a ziploc bag and check back tomorrow to see my next post on what to do with it. ; )

Next, wash, pat dry and then mince the shiitakes. Also mince some yellow onion, scallions and fresh garlic. Toss all of it together over some sesame oil and saute until browned. Add a couple splashes of soy sauce (not too much or it will be overly salty) and some salt and pepper.

Serve this dish with the lettuce cups on a large serving plate alongside a small bowl of hoisin sauce. Then place the shiitake-jicama filling into a bowl with a serving spoon. When it’s time to eat them, spread a little hoisin into the base of a lettuce cup and then top with a generous spoonful of the filling. Pick it up like a taco and go to town.

Happy eating!