Kale Chips For Every Mood

It seems that every vegan/vegetarian blog must have its obligatory post on Kale Chips. These crispy flakes of delicious nutrition are all the rage. That’s because they’re simple to make, go over well with almost everyone, and have amazing nutritional properties. They’re filled with vitamins and minerals and are even a source of fiber. But that’s just the beginning. Google it and you’ll see what I mean. I get even more excited because of its price point. I can usually buy kale by the voluminous bunch for $1.50. Can’t beat that!

To make kale chips, wash and coarsely chop the kale. You can remove the stems if you want but I just slice off the very ends to get rid of the dry parts and then keep the rest of the stems on. They cook up just as nicely as the leaves. Place them onto a baking sheet brushed with a little olive oil and bake at 375 for 10-20 minutes depending on the heat of your oven. Check them often to find what the right amount of time is for you. If you ignore them, they could burn quite fast.

When they’re mostly crispy, remove from the oven and sprinkle with some sea salt and sesame seeds.

Okay, so there was my obligatory post on kale chips. Now, to spice things up, here are some alternative seasoning ideas to match any mood you and your kale might find yourselves in!

Fiery Kale Chips: toss with red chili flakes and a splash or two of Tabasco

Candied Kale Chips: sprinkling of sugar and a splash of lemon

Asian Kale Chips: use sesame oil on the baking sheet instead of olive oil, then a splash of tamari, a sprinkling of sesame seeds and slices of nori

Mexican Kale Chips: toss with thinly sliced baked tortilla strips and a splash of lime

Stinky Kale Chips: toss with dried garlic nuggets and fried onions

Let’s Go Nuts Kale Chips: throw in some toasted sliced almonds, toasted walnut pieces, toasted pine nuts, you get the idea

Fruity Kale Chips: sulfite-free golden raisins, dried currants and coarse sea salt


Now it’s your turn! Any other ideas for kale chips you can share?

Happy eating!