Creamsicle Quencher

And what to do with that tiny bit of sweetened condensed milk left over from yesterday’s recipe? Well make a Creamsicle Quencher of course!

Take that remaining condensed milk (I had about 2 fl. oz. left over) and shake it together with about 7 fl. oz. of orange-carrot juice (you could just use plain OJ too!) and 4-5 fl. oz. of sparkling water. Taste it and decide if you want a little more juice or a little more sparkling water. Do whatever suits your buds! Once the liquids have been well-combined, pour into a nice glass, top it with some crushed ice and garnish with a lime slice.

My Dad was the happy recipient of this drink. He even drank it with a silly straw. If you know my Dad then you can imagine how cute this was. : )

Happy drinking!