Muddled Mint-Cucumber Cooler

This is a refreshing drink perfect for warm summer weather. It’s funny; I don’t like to eat cucumbers and sigh with disappointment when I see them covering an otherwise perfect salad. But for some reason, I absolutely adore their essence and dress up plain water with them all the time. This drink kicks it up just a notch from there and makes a beautiful addition to a dinner table spread. I made these to go with a vegan Mexican feast.

Fill each glass 3/4 full with cold sparkling water (I use Pellegrino since it makes me feel grown-up and sophisticated to see their green bottles in my fridge). Add agave syrup to taste. I like my drinks on the sweeter side so I add enough agave to give the drink a warm brown color. Stir in the agave well. I find a chopstick works great for this. Then add in a splash of lime juice and splash of lemon juice. Mix again, very well.

In a small bowl, place cucumber slices and torn mint leaves and muddle them together using a fork, the back of a spoon or a potato masher like yours truly. Then place some of the muddled mixture into each glass and top with crushed ice. Add a cucumber slice to the rim as garnish.

Happy drinking!