ABC-PB Sandwich Rounds

My girls always complain they’re starving when they get home from school. Maybe if they ate their entire lunches that I so lovingly pack them every day, this wouldn’t be a problem. But alas, that is out of my control and so every day when the clock strikes 3:00, I have two energy-deprived children who are rapidly morphing into slouchy, whiny-eyed monsters.

Thank goodness for the after school snack. It’s that little boost the kids need to push through til bedtime and it’s that little reprieve a parent needs to keep her sanity and stall the little ones long enough so she can actually prepare dinner.

When I was a kid I did some serious damage with the after school snack. I made a meal out of it. I would come home and heat up an entire Micro Magic spread. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the frozen goods brand that swept the East Coast (or at least my little corner of southeastern Pennyslvania) in the late 80s, the suite of Micro Magic products included hamburgers, cheeseburgers, french fries and even milkshakes that could all be microwaved and then served at the perfect temperature. Pretty gross, extremely processed and most certainly not vegan. But that was the deal back then and I would go all out — Micro Magic-style — for my after school snack. Other days, if my Mom were home, she’d make me pan-fried tofu with soy sauce and white rice. That was just awesome. And on days when I was home by myself, I’d light a candle and roast mini marshmallows on a toothpick, pop ’em in my mouth and chase them with a mini Hershey’s bar and a Teddy Graham. Those were not my finest hours.

And so I’m determined to feed my children after school snacks that are a hair healthier than what I feasted on as a kid. Today I made them what I’m calling ABC-PB Sandwiches. The acronym stands for Agave-Banana-Chia-Peanut Butter. And I thought the “ABC” was cute considering it’s an after school snack.

To make them, cut little circles out of sandwich bread. I used the drinking side of a champagne flute to cut my circles. Slice a banana thinly and arrange on the circles. Then drizzle a little agave on each round, followed with a sprinkling of chia seeds. (By the way, chia seeds are rich in fiber, protein and Omega-3s — even more than salmon! They can be found in the bulk dry good section of most natural food stores or Whole Foods.) Spread peanut butter on the other halves of the sandwiches and there you have it! If you’d like, you can garnish each sandwich round with a dry-roasted almond slice and a sprinkling of nutmeg as shown here:

I served these to my girls with a cold glass of vanilla almond milk and it was a huge after school snack hit.

Happy eating!