Sauteed Green Beans with Mushroom-Carrot Jasmine Rice

My girls have just started enjoying green beans. I may have to cook the life out of them and douse them in sauce, but they eat ’em alright.

I wanted to serve these beans with something more than plain jasmine rice so I ended up cooking some minced carrots and chopped brown mushrooms in some vegetable stock and then mixing that with the cooked rice. It was a nice deviation from the norm and the kids ended up eating more veggies as a result!

For the beans, wash and trim them and then saute in a little oil over medium heat until crispy on the outside and a bit tender on the inside. I usually throw a little bit of water into the pan and then cover it in order to soften the beans. Stir in some hoisin sauce and a tad of soy sauce or tamari and continue to cook until the sauce is simmering. I forgot to top mine with toasted sesame seeds but I recommend you do so if you cook this dish!

For the rice, just chop up the veggies and simmer in a saucepan with some vegetable soup stock until the carrots are slightly tender. Then add in cooked jasmine rice and fold it all together, adding more vegetable stock to taste.

These two dishes work well with the Jicama Dippers as their appetizer.

Happy eating!