Build Your Own Burrito!


Parents know that one of the best ways to get your kids to eat a variety of foods is to allow them to put it all together in some fun way before sending it down the chute. We did this the other night with a “Build Your Own Burrito Night” and the kids shouted and cheered with delight at the mere mention of this themed evening. They didn’t even ask what we’d be eating. Just hearing those words got them all fired up!

You can customize these with whatever fillings your family enjoys or whatever you have laying around. I made a couple cups of plain white rice in the rice cooker and emptied a can of organic black beans into a saucepan and heated them up. I then sliced up some red, yellow, and green peppers and sauteed them with Fry’s vegan “beef” strips (found at Whole Foods). These strips are seasoned already so no need to add any more salt or flavor. I just sauteed it all in a little bit of olive oil. I also made fresh pico de gallo by dicing up ripe tomatoes and some white onion. Finally, I made my famous guacamole, slightly adapted from a stellar recipe by a good friend. Mash up 2 ripe avocados with a fork (I like to keep it a little chunky), add a couple splashes of soy sauce, a dash or two of Tabasco, a dash of garlic powder, and some fresh ground pepper. Mix well, then slice off the kernels from a fresh (raw) ear of white corn. Fold them in and presto!

I warmed up some flour tortillas and laid all the fillings out on the table for everyone to build their own burrito. The girls each ate an entire one. We paired it with more fresh corn tortilla chips the girls made.


Happy eating!